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  • Previous release, Gyres: Vortices of Power Western Mystery Traditional lore from ancient Greece through the Age of Enlightenment that informs the magical technology used for working magic with natural bodily energies. These gyres are natural sources of energy, the structure or skeleton of the subtle body, called aura.
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    Accompanying the book is a pouch of a full suite of visible spectrum tumbled gemstones (all seven colors), together with tumbled hematite and obsidian to support grounding, and a natural clear quartz point to move energies. Instructions for magical cleansing, energizing, and healing workings are provided.


The capes & cloaks sold here are original designs by Deporodh. These outerwear garments offer practical yet elegant utility. I call my concepts designer folkwear. Woven fabrics of natural fibers—linen, cotton, silk, or wool—go into each garment, thriftily cut to waste as little fabric as possible.

  • Cowled Cloaks
  • Caped Cowls
  • Gloriana Gallantry

Napped plush cotton lined in polished cotton with a cotton rope tie, this design is inspired by Elizabethan gallant Sir Walter Raleigh, who is famously portrayed wearing his cape over one shoulder, leaving his rapier hand unencumbered. Rarely made.


  • Healing Herbals

One Witch’s Cottage salves & remedies are made from scratch, using whole dried herbs (not distillations)—many grown & dried here at the Cottage—then processed into organic carriers which are also healing themselves.

Sacred Space

Witchcraft tradition (British Traditional Wicca in North America, or Initiatory Wicca in Europe)  requires every woman in circle to wear a visible necklace, an unbroken (having no catch) length of beads. Most men choose also to honor the Lady in like fashion. I have long made natural bead necklaces of this type for my Witchcraft kinfolk, to my standards of natural stones, including the organic minerals amber & jet, strung on natural silk cord which is beeswaxed for strength and longevity.

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Sennight Starry Incenses

Only organic herbs, plant resins, & essential oils go into these incenses. Radiantly charged by moon & sun, empowered in sacred space, these magical aromas greatly enhance your ceremonies and your magic. Zero sawdust or filler, zero chemicals or dyes.

quart mason jars full of individual Sennight Starry Incenses

quart mason jars full of individual Sennight Starry Incenses

Sennight Stars
What is your seven-o?
Green grow the rushes, oh!
Seven for the seven stars in the sky…

—Green grow the rushes, oh! traditional English counting folk song

Those seven stars (planetes, in the original Greek of Ptolemy) rule the days of the week, once known as a sennight or seven-night. Lunar reckoning followed the moon, and four sennights made a month (monath in Old English). Spell-crafting ingredients often center on those seven-fold deific archetypes.