A Cottage Witch

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Published Titles

The Lady of the Woods

Envisioned Titles

  • Divination Types & Methods
  • Tarot: Divination in the Cards
  • Stars: Divination in the Sky
  • Magic of the Mind

Arcanum Auctoris means both mysterious author and the author’s mysteries.  Or, in the case of this author, Mysteries, with a capital M. To quote from one of the two first publications of this corner of the cottage:

Woman hand-writing at desk
Arcanum Auctoris…
…the Mystery I can never show
nor speak, nor tell untime;
yet ever share with kinfolk thus,
in prose, and deed, and rhyme.

A number of titles are planned, many of them three-quarters written or more. A few have been in the pipeline so long they date back to Woodhart: A Witch’s Cottage, circa 2002.

Published Articles Online

NOTE: One Witch’s Cottage, the business, was permanently shuttered December 31, 2020.