Come Away In…

Cottage Crafted Goods

I produce a selection of hand-crafted, natural-ingredient (organic when possible) goods.

  • Cloaks & capes of natural fibers
  • Unique design amber & jet ritual necklaces & gemstone bead ritual necklaces
  • Organic herb & plant resin magical powder incense blends
  • Organic herb salves
  • Original content, independently published, magical content books

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Here is my email contact form, for visitors to the Puget Sound region who may wish to visit the Cottage and select purchases in person, for Crafters shopping online who’d like to patronize fellow Crafters, or for Craft shopkeepers who may wish to carry any of my goods (I have a wholesale price list available).

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 10.31.10 PMIn 2009, the University of Oregon’s Daily Emerald published an article on October 29th entitled “Wiccan, Not Wicked”—which quoted both Deborah Snavely & K.C. Anton extensively on the topic of Wicca, As part of the article, a video student interviewed me during which interview I demonstrated a brief Wiccan circle, from which Dylan Sylwester produced a 15-minute video.  An abbreviated (3 min +) video clip of that 15 minutes is available to view free on This photograph is a screen capture of the opening frame.


  • Previous release, Gyres: Vortices of Power Western Mystery Traditional lore from ancient Greece through the Age of Enlightenment that informs the magical technology used for working magic with natural bodily energies. These gyres are natural sources of energy, the structure or skeleton of the subtle body, called aura. Accompanying the book is a pouch of a full suite of visible spectrum tumbled gemstones (all seven colors), together with tumbled hematite and obsidian to support grounding, and a natural clear quartz point to move energies. Instructions for magical cleansing, energizing, and healing workings are provided.


The capes & cloaks sold here are original designs by Deporodh based entirely on millennium-old historical and folk construction. These outerwear garments offer practical yet elegant utility. Woven fabrics of natural fibers—virgin wool or raw silk—go into each cloak.

  • Cowled Cloaks

Pendleton® pure virgin wool cloaks of full length and double-thickness hoods;
pure raw silk noil fabric available for those who cannot tolerate wool
(black full-length, some colors calf-length)

  • Caped Cowls


  • Sennight Incenses

Organic dried herbs, pure plant resins, organic essential oils, in proprietary blends of the seven nights (hence, sennight) of the week. Powdered & blended, radiantly empowered by moon & sun, and finally charged within BTW circle, these incenses burn clean and fragrant. Cottage incenses contain zero added fillers, sawdust, chemicals, or colorants.

Sennight Stars
What is your seven-o?
Green grow the rushes, oh!
Seven for the seven stars in the sky…
“Green grow the rushes, oh!” traditional English counting song

Sacred Space

Witchcraft tradition (British Traditional Wicca in North America, or Initiatory Wicca in Europe)  requires every woman in circle to wear a visible necklace, an unbroken (having no catch) length of beads. Most men choose also to honor the Lady in like fashion. I have long made natural-bead necklaces of this type for my Witchcraft kinfolk, to my standards of natural gemstones, including the organic mineraloids amber & jet, strung on natural silk cord which is beeswaxed for strength and longevity.

Array of Goddess Gemstone necklaces available early in 2019.

Array of Goddess Gemstone necklaces available early in 2019.
Array of Goddess Gemstone necklaces comprised largely of amber & jet, photo dated ~Hallows 2019
Array of Goddess Gemstone necklaces comprised largely of amber & jet, photo dated ~Hallows 2019