and She said…

When She speaks, I wonder how it is that the hearts of the Wiccæ do not resound whene’er they step between the worlds….

Beneath the moon, an ye have need,
Call thy queen in secret mead,
Learn My casting, new and old,
Dance ye there our joy untold.

Hold ye fast thy beau ideal.
Let thy purpose ne’er dispel.
Past My portal, secret ways
Lead to youth and wine of days–
Joy and knowledge, freedom, peace,
Reunion after life’s surcease–
Cup and cauldron, life, rebirth;
Love, I bore the living earth.

Green the earth, and white the moon,
Deep the waters rise eftsoon,
Desire grows, enrapt thy heart.
Heed My call and know thy part:
Love and pleasure, beauty, strength,
Power, compassion, go thy length;
Mirth and reverence, honor bright,
Know ye rapture infinite.

Seeker yearning after Me,
Look thou only within thee:
Nought within; then, nought without,
For I am, all ways, all about.

The Wiccæ are the Wiccæ. Brothers and sisters of the Art Magical, of the Craft. In perfect love and perfect trust are we saluted at the very outset of our journey into Their mysteries, where we swear to Their service and the highest of ideals. Our gods, our Lady and our Lord, speak to us and through us at Their will.

Alas, some few of the Wiccæ do choose paths and actions that serve only to shrivel the spirit and serve none any good at all, not our gods, nor the mighty ones, nor any other of the Wiccæ, living or dead, to the ill repute of the Wiccæ among those persons who may yet seek and find and mayhap even come to serve our gods.

Take ye heed, O thou who wouldst fain learn all sorceries,
that thine every effort be not doomed to failure.

It is the great good fortune of the Wiccæ, by Their grace and the greatness of minds that we of the Wiccæ may share, that many others of the Wiccæ do choose to enrich the spirit. These true Children of the Goddess bring honor & humility, power & compassion, love & laughter, mirth & reverence, as She charges us, and thus do enlarge the numbers of Her hidden children, that the Craft may ever survive.

When She speaks, His power underscoring Her words throughout the magic circle that is now and always between the worlds, I wonder how it is that the heart of any of the Wiccæ does not resound with those words when next they step between the worlds of men and the dread lords of the outer spaces.

May this never again be needed.

So mote it be!

One thought on “and She said…

  1. It seems so very rare today to read the words that others today have written online about witchcraft that can convey the words of the Great Mother, whereby just reading them: a true spell is cast. This has done it beautifully and you can almost feel the little earthquake that it is spin and move around in the astral field. Sometimes I swear the greatest revelations seem to come from the moments of adversity. Where we are forced to break the chains that have been wrapped (either tried or successfully) around us in order to serve our personal agendas and not that of She. For as witches, we are the rebels, and it is She that teaches us to be free from all slavery.

    Thank you so much for these beautiful words. They are moving and beautiful and brought a nice moment of contemplation and meditation and is something I will try to continue to meditate on throughout Hallowmas time.

    Blessed Be and Thank You for sharing Her wisdom!

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