New Cowls & Cloaks Available…

Hooded Cloak, new Pendleton wool…$135

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The fabric is new 100% virgin wool made by Pendleton Woolen Mills. Light worsted weave of a dusty denim blue with thin camel & thinner white woven stripes, this Hooded Cloak is suited to three–plus seasons, or all four if it rarely snows where you are. A sturdy hand-crafted brass Romano–Celtic styled fibula is included in the price. One size. Machine hem is finished; may be turned & hemmed shorter.

Caped Cowl, new Pendleton wool…$70

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Two identical Caped Cowls are now available—if anyone wants a matched pair, seize your opportunity. Woven in a tartan-styled pattern that resembles an ancient hunting tartan, this autumnal fabric is medium-weight wool, soft to the hand and lightly napped. On a ground of heathered dark green & russet, a three-block pattern of russet, tan, & russet are outlined in thin neutral brown. The handmade copper spiral fibula (an ancient style of decorative safety pin) is included in the price.


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