About the Cottage…

Hi, I’m the Witch, Initiate of the Wicca, lifelong neoPagan, healing-worker, priestess, clergy, and sometimes mean ol’ witch. Wonder of wonders, I’m living a dream—I live alone in a Craftsman cottage with my books and my herbs and my flowers and my magic. I have friends and partners and kinfolk to visit with. Call me Deporodh, if you wish to wrap your tongue around the Scots Gaelic, or simply Deb.

Nigh 25 years ago, I was a mostly silent partner in the embryonic Woodhart: A Witch’s Cottage home business—before it became Woodhart: Ways of Olde, after the universe handed K.C. acquisition of the infant Ways of Olde brick-and-mortar shop in Eugene, OR. All the Woodhart businesses are long gone, as is K.C. (a stormy Pacific swept him away December 30, 2011—or, as I think of it, he was called home by Mannanan of the Ninth Wave.)

I honor the spirit of K.C.’s entrepreneurial vision by recycling the name as One Witch’s Cottage, a source for Witch–crafted products not found in commercial venues. Patrons of either Woodhart shop may recognize one or two of the goods sold therein within these pages…

Here you will find products from stillroom and stitchery—seven-stars incense and oiils and Elixure magical fluid condensers, cowls and cloaks and necklets. All of them creations of the Cottage—well, of the witch in it.


Crafted in the Craft for Crafters

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