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New Cowls & Cloaks Available…

Hooded Cloak, new Pendleton wool…$135

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The fabric is new 100% virgin wool made by Pendleton Woolen Mills. Light worsted weave of a dusty denim blue with thin camel & thinner white woven stripes, this Hooded Cloak is suited to three–plus seasons, or all four if it rarely snows where you are. A sturdy hand-crafted brass Romano–Celtic styled fibula is included in the price. One size. Machine hem is finished; may be turned & hemmed shorter.

Caped Cowl, new Pendleton wool…$70

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Two identical Caped Cowls are now available—if anyone wants a matched pair, seize your opportunity. Woven in a tartan-styled pattern that resembles an ancient hunting tartan, this autumnal fabric is medium-weight wool, soft to the hand and lightly napped. On a ground of heathered dark green & russet, a three-block pattern of russet, tan, & russet are outlined in thin neutral brown. The handmade copper spiral fibula (an ancient style of decorative safety pin) is included in the price.


Clotho’s Gallery of Garments…

Caped Cowls & Hooded Cloaks sold over past 15 years

Pendleton tartan weave, wool Caped Cowl, 2004, modeled as demo for wheelchair users

Pendleton tartan weave, wool Caped Cowl, 2004, on rattan manikin

Pendleton crimson wool, wool Caped Cowl, 2004, on rattan manikin


Pendleton forest green wool, wool Caped Cowl, 2004, on rattan manikin

Striped wool with black hood—Caped Cowl, 2004, on rattan manikin

Seafoam re-cycled wool Caped Cowl, 2004, on petite model

Black wool Caped Cowl, 2004, on petite model

White wool Hooded Cloak, edged with narrow cotton braid, 2004, petite model


Black wool Hooded Cloak with woven blue & black striped hood, 2004, tall model

Black wool Hooded Cloak, standard design, 2004, tall model

Goddess Necklaces

Tradition among the Wicca requires every woman in circle to wear a visible necklace, an unbroken (having no catch) length of beads. Many men choose also to honor the Lady in like fashion.

Gerald B. Gardner reported of the Wicca in Witchcraft Today that women wear a necklace in circle, “of any sort as long as it is fairly conspicuous.” He goes on to opine that the reason is that “the goddess always wore a necklace; … Astarte always wore one and was known as the Goddess of the Necklace, being otherwise ‘sky-clad’.” A footnote continues, “Diana of Ephesus wore a necklace of acorns; many Celtic goddess are mentioned as wearing them.

“At witch meetings every woman must wear one. When the ritual objects are being set out for a meeting, a number of strings of beads are put handy, so that if any witch hasn’t brought a necklace, she promptly borrows one for the occasion.”

Gardner omits the most famous of goddess’ necklaces, Brisingamen, worn by Freya, reputedly crafted of gold & amber by dwarven smiths. Freya’s necklace remains an distinctive attribute of this goddess of love. Perhaps this accounts in some part for the preference of many Wicca for circle necklaces crafted of amber, or sometimes amber & jet.

As one of the Wicca, I have long chosen to wear such a necklace in preference to a chain when wearing a pendant. I’ve long hand-crafted such as gifts to my own initiates and others of the Craft. My fingers do not always know when to stop…and thus I come to have many such necklaces, with and without pendant of relevance to the Craft, which I’m offering for sale…

The White Horse of Uffington

 pewter pendant “White Horse of Uffington” strung on 28-inch goddess necklace of agate, bone, & yellow opal  $44 + $7 shipping

Lapis Love

pendant is pre-1970 lapis lazuli (20x15mm) in sterling, on a 28-inch goddess necklace of hematite & chalcedony with rice pearls $68 +$7 shipping

Intricate Interlace

Sterling silver Celtic star inset with opal triplet, on a 28-inch goddess necklace of turquoise, azurite, malachite, aventurine, & chalcedony $45 + $7 shipping

Fire in the Earth

OWC-necklets - 10

30-inch goddess necklace of pressed amber, vintage coral, carnelian, garnet, & agate SOLD

The Way to the Center

bronze double-sided hand-struck bronze pendant with vermeil & cherry amber accent, on a 25-inch goddess necklace of tiger eye, citrine, cocobolo, & yellow soapstone $69 plus $12 shipping

Feathered Dragons

amethyst, cultured pearl, & hematite 24-inch goddess necklace with pair-of-swans pewter pendant SOLD

24-inch goddess necklace of hematite, chalcedony, aventurine, & rice pearls with blue-green fire labradorite (spectralite) pendant set in sterling silver $65 plus $10 shipping

Ardennes—Deeo Forest

one 5/8- & a pair of 1/2-inch green jasper truncated cubes strung into a 28-inch goddess necklace of  jade, light & dark aventurine, green turquoise,  & moss agate SOLD

Hearts & Flowers

OWC-necklets - 4

light & dark amethyst, cultured pearl, & palest rose quartz goddess necklace $32 plus $7 shipping

Compass Quarters

OWC-necklets - 7

27-inch goddess necklace of dark & light aventurine, dark & light carnelian, hematite, & garnet $32 plus $7 shipping