Chambers in the Cottage…

I’m the Witch, Initiate of the Wicca, lifelong neoPagan, healing-worker, priestess, clergy, and non-profit witchy volunteer, and sometimes tired ol’ witch. Wonder of wonders, I’m living a dream—I live alone in a Craftsman cottage with my books and my herbs and my stones and my magic…and my Bernina. I have friends and partners and kinfolk to visit with. Call me Deporodh, if you wish to wrap your tongue around the Scots Gaelic, or simply Deb.

Nigh 25 years ago, I was a silent partner in the embryonic Woodhart: A Witch’s Cottage K.C. Anton’s series of Woodhart businesses are long gone, as is K.C. (a stormy Pacific swept him away from Gold Beach, Oregon December 30, 2011).  I’ve recylced part of that name into my retirement support effort: One Witch’s Cottage, a source for Craft-related products…or as my tag line says: “Crafted in the Craft for Crafters.” Thus far, the Cottage has three chambers:

Stillroom — source of Sennight Spell-things

Stitchery — source of Clotho’s Cloaks


Circle — source of Goddess Gemstones