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Arcamnum Auctoris…

Arcanum Auctoris means both mysterious author and the author’s mysteries.  Or, in the case of this author, Mysteries, with a capital M. To quote from one of the two first publications of this corner of the cottage:

…the Mystery I can never show
nor speak, nor tell untime;
yet ever share with kinfolk thus,
in prose, and deed, and rhyme.

A number of titles are planned, many of them three-quarters written or more. A few have been in the pipeline so long they date back to Woodhart: A Witch’s Cottage, circa 2002.

2018 Titles

  • Gyres: Vortices of Power

    “Gyres: Vortices of Power”, Western traditions of bodily energy centers; includes gemstones for magic

    “…[W]ithin an aura, seven metaphysical nodes exist in…a sort of metaphysical spine. …those individual nodes are in constant motion…whirling orbs….” Reclaiming English words for English witches, the author discusses the properties of gyres, their interrelationships, and their uses in maintaining the metaphysical body. Included with the volume is a suite of tumbled gemstones, cleansed and charged, for readers to use with the several gyre workings that conclude the volume.


Forthcoming Titles—next quarter

  • A Gramarye of Poesie: a poetic grimoire of shadows

Forthcoming Titles—2019

  • Rocks in Her Head: a primer of stones
  • Runes in Rhyme: from Old English to Modern