Sennight Elixure Condensers

Many magical practitioners know of fluid condensers. The sevenfold suite of Elixure condensers created at the Cottage follow the nightly seven stars that empower each in turn. These liquid preparations carry the properties of the precious metals, natural gemstones, prized herbs and spices incorporated into them ritually & physically.

photo seven vials Elixures
Sennight suite of Elixure condensers ~5ml each vial.
Vials are sealed with beeswax for shipment.

To purchase a sennight‘s suite of Elixure condensers, the One Witch’s Cottage Etsy shop.

Fluid condensers are used for anointing objects; often a drop or two is used when consecrating tools, preparing spell components, or to empower an amulet (for protection) or talisman (for attraction). These Elixure condensers are fluid condensers in type, with a foundation of the old al-chemy’s gold–water, and each one imbued with gemstone & essence, herb & resin, rune & metal, heraldic mineral hue & trace scent.

  • Elixure of Splendor
    A “sun in glory” marks each vial—the medieval heraldic charge in its natural hue, or, in the residual Norman language of blazonry. The bright gold, whether metal or color, sings of the faces of Lugh, Llew, Helios, Apollo, Sol, Sunna—growth and power, talent and skill, music and logic, clarity and foresight…
  • Elixure of Vision
    Silvery blue-grey is the light of the moon, argent in the language of alchemists and heralds alike. The hue of moonlight, in the Renaissance thought to cause dreams and lunacy if one slept under the sweet rays of Selene, Hecate, Artemis, Phœbe. Diana, Arianrhod, Mani, Luna—visions and dreams, psi and second sight, emotion and flexibility
  • Elixure of Valor
    Endeavors of strife and blood-letting—actual battle or symbolic struggles like legal battles, healing surgeries, or academic disputes—most naturally resemble the bright crimson of fresh blood, the gules of heraldic blazon, beloved of Ares, Tyr, Cocidus, Mars, Hèrmo∂r—struggle and battle, courage and defense, triumph and victory, wounding & surgeries and healing therefrom…
  • Elixure of Tact
    Medievally speaking the very office of herald is that of the winged messenger of Olympus. The rich green hue of blazon is vert, that hue symbolizing growth & plenty, trade & travel, ruled by the many-fold deities given to peaceful communications: Mercury, Hermes, Lugh, Taliesin, Thoth, Woden—travel and trade, messages and movement, diplomacy and tact, merchants and thieves, heralds and couriers, language and writing…
  • Elixure of Dignity
    Justice and judgement fall into the sphere of leadership, be it leader of gods or leader of humans. The ancient and priceless Tyrian purple, long reserved to the emperors and high kings who were also the “court of last resort”—came to symbolize both greatness and treasure. Purpure in the language of blazon, it is a hue long associated with sovereignty and overlordship. Those entities known as Jove, Bran, Zeus, the Dagda, Jupiter, Odin—leadership and fatherhood, judgement and justice, virility and victory, success and succor, career and counsel…
  • Elixure of Grace
    Sky blue has many shades—the vivid blue being the one also known as azure, and azure is the blue of blazon, the standard tincture of such watery heraldic charges (images) as a fountain, a river, or a sea—all reflections of that deep sky. Both sky and sea have meanings for the entities of the day: Aphrodite, Venus, Ishtar, Astarte, Freya, Adonis—love and lust, beauty and grace, pleasure and merriment, conception and childbirth…
  • Elixure of Cycle
    Seasons turn inevitably, from summer’s heat to autumn’s harvest, winter’s dark to springtide’s vibrancy—such is the spiral dance of time. Humans—being diurnal by nature—regard endings as dark, the sable of night and blazon alike. Yet every landsman knows that the best loam is black, rich with compost, the better to nourish another season’s growing. This is the paradox of time, and death, and life…some deities of which are Saturn, Cronos, Heqet, Sucellos, Osiris, Demeter—beginnings and growth, harvest and endings, death and rebirth and resurgence…

Using Elixure Condensers

Magic-workers working with Elixure condensers are recommended, before using them, to personalize each one in their preferred magical rite, adding a traditional body fluid or drop of saliva. Personalizing them in this way adds one’s individual energies to those already charged & stored within the Elixure condensers, linking their innate potency to each magic-worker’s intent & will.

Elixure condensers imbue magical tools (blades, pentacles, altar furnishings, and more) with supportive energies. Equally, they empower the consumable items of spells and workings—candles, poppets, cords, talismans, wards, amulets, etc. to greater success.