Sennight Sacred Oils

Ideal for dressing candles or evoking the energies of one particular planet’s energies, these moon- and sun-charged oils feature organic oils, hand-harvested herbs, essentials, and a sennight gemstone in each vial.

To order a sennight suite of these sacred oils, visit One Witch’s Cottage Etsy shop.

  • Radiant

Foundation: grapeseed oil
Herb: bay laurel leaf
Essence: sweet orange
Gemstone: citrine

  • Moonstruck

Foundation: apricot kernel oil
Herb: hyssop
Essence: lavender
Gemstone: moonstone

  • Champion

Foundation: rice bran oil
Herb: nettle leaf
Essence: cinnamon
Gemstone: garnet

  • Venturer

Foundation: grapeseed oil
Herb: rosemary
Essence: spearmint
Gemstone: tourmaline

  • Magister

Foundation: grapeseed oil
Herb: safe leaf
Essence: bergamot
Gemstone: amethyst

  • Rapture

Foundation: apricot kernel oil
Herb: red rose petal
Essence: geranium
Gemstone: lapis lasuli

  • Fulfilling

Foundation: rice bran oil
Herb: wormwood
Essence: cedarwood
Gemstone: hematite