About Swangrove Coven (2010–2017)

Swangrove coven

Swangrove was the second coven I’ve led since becoming an Elder in the Gardnerian tradition of British Traditional Wicca in May of 2001. (Woodhart Weald, founded with K.C. Anton, 2002–2009 was the first.) Both are now closed. People interested in public sabbats or public Wicca classes in the south Puget Sound area are recommended to the Pagan shop Mystic Sanctuary in University Place, WA.

British Traditional Wicca

If you’re already lost, here’s the quick definition. Traditions of Witchcraft which derive from the New Forest region of Britain, are passed on by cross-gender initiation, most of which trace linearly through Gerald Brousseau Gardner (1888–1964), are collectively known in the USA as British Traditional Wicca. (I’m reliably informed that in the UK and Europe, they are known more simply as Initiatory Wicca.)

A more complete write-up on the term British Traditional Wicca may be found reliably on the web site of the New Wiccan Church, International, a legal religious and non-profit organization by and for the Wicca. It is not a tradition, it is a family of traditions mutually recognized to be, as we say, “of the Wicca.” A member since 2007, I have the honor to be a Seated Elder in the International arm of the church.


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