Clotho’s Cloaks

Clotho—the original Fate

Before there were three, there was one…read about Clotho (just a little) below. She spun, measured, and cut the threads of mortal lives. Textiles having been a part of my entire life, Clotho became important to me early in my journey, in my life, and in my Craft.

Cottage-made Clotho’s Cloaks have two styles

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  • Caped Cowls

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  • Cowled Cloaks

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Before One Witch’s Cottage, there was Woodhart… View a gallery of past cloaks and capes here.

About Cottage Cloaks…

Clotho, the original Fate — In the way of triune Greek deities, first there was one. The Fate, named Clotho (Greek Klotho), she who spun the span of life for mortals and immortals alike. By Hellenic times, Clotho became a triune: one to spin, one to measure, and one to cut the life-thread—collectively called the Klothes or the Fates. Athena relied on Clotho for the lengths with which she wove, and, in turn, brought humankind the craft of weaving thread into fabric for garments. (Athena also brought humankind the craft of pottery…but that, as the Gaels say, is another story.

Me, I own tools and fiber-work of more than six generations of my matrilineal bloodline, and as a solitary, I used to describe myself a fiberwitch. It’s no wonder that a drop spindle in my teen hands carried me into a life of textile history and crafting.