Goddess Gemstones

An unbroken string of beads…

Witchcraft tradition requires every woman in circle to wear a visible necklace, an unbroken (having no catch) length of beads. Most men choose also to honor the Lady in like fashion.

Gerald B. Gardner reported in Witchcraft Today that women wear a necklace in circle, “of any sort as long as it is fairly conspicuous.” He goes on to opine that the reason is that “the goddess always wore a necklace; … Astarte always wore one and was known as the Goddess of the Necklace, being otherwise ‘sky-clad’.” A footnote continues, “Diana of Ephesus wore a necklace of acorns; many Celtic goddess are mentioned as wearing them.

“At witch meetings every woman must wear one. When the ritual objects are being set out for a meeting, a number of strings of beads are put handy, so that if any witch hasn’t brought a necklace, she promptly borrows one for the occasion.”

Gardner omits the most famous of goddess’ necklaces, Brisingamen, worn by Freya, reputedly crafted of gold & amber by dwarven smiths. Freya’s necklace remains an distinctive attribute of this goddess of love. Perhaps this accounts in some part for the preference of many Wicca for circle necklaces crafted of amber, or sometimes amber & jet.

I choose to wear such a necklace rather than a chain when wearing a pendant, whether in circle or out. I’ve long hand-crafted such as gifts to my own initiates and others of the Craft. My fingers do not always know when to stop…and thus I now have many such necklaces, available to other Crafters.

Goddess Gemstone necklaces

To view or buy any of these semiprecious stone necklaces, many featuring the traditional amber or jet, which are designed and hand-strung using silk bead-cord thoroughly beeswaxed for strength & longevity, check the shop front, or visit the Etsy shop here.