I was all the world when young; I knew that I was wise.
My power shone quite clear to me—no folly clouded eyes.

I feared and hated, now and then, and slammed shut one good door.
I hurt and sorrowed oft, it seemed, and hence I withdrew more.

And even then I knew myself was strong and colored bright.
The rainbow of myself did shine a most distracting light.

Anon I heeded foolish folk of those who knew not light,
Who never heard the pulsing chords the frogs all sang each night.

Who told me, once and twice and more, I must be only one.
Decide, they bade me, once for all! I fought, but was undone.

Decide, they bade me, once for all your life; you must, you know.
I tried, I did, to follow fools and learned exceeding slow
That fools will only lead you where a fool would wish to go.

So now I wander slowly back and gather up debris
Of all the lonely pieces of myself—of her and me.

I weep for sorrow, greeting her and drip a borrowed tear
That she does kiss and drink away, along with remnant fear.

No more a shattered path I walk; no more, I tell it true.
The power in my life is me—and also all of you.

©1993 Deborah Snavely

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