Solar Flare

starkly spare he brazen beats
upon my willing back
a mountain mount I cautiously
up scrabble-skitter track

closer climb and ever clear
full flood of light and heat
salt drips the sweat from brow and face
upon two dusty feet

a stop! and cautious pass the gates
of fiery oaken bough
again red guardian bestrides
my ever-upwards plow

a welcome height here straightens spine
my foremost task complete
where giant pyrophilic pine
shades out the wild wheat

a void amid the brushy heath
awaits my priestess role
enfolding me in prickly sheath
of thistle, bough, and bole

a meager trickle rinses flaws—
poor wanderer, surprise!
at dusty lorelei mirage
before his wond’ring eyes

my lover waits above and calls
so, heart forgets the stray
my body finds a space and falls
awaiting lover’s play

my tiny heat he swallows whole
in greater hallowed flame
his lucid light engorges soul
how could I be the same?

empowered of a simple skill
he lets me go, not leave,
enabling all my budding will
to aid and to relieve….

©1994 Deborah Snavely

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