Cottage Customers Comment

OWC-necklets - 36Goddess Gemstones

White Horse of Uffington

Available for sale summer 2017, sold June 2018 through Etsy, the buyer’s five-star review reads:

This is an extraordinarily unique item! It’s beautifully beaded and I feel a strong energetic charge when I hold it and think of the Goddess for Whom I bought it (the Celtic Equine and Underworld Goddess, Rhiannon). Beautifully done!

OWC-SS-Incense-display - 4

Sennight Starry Incenses

A customer experimenting her way through the sampler suite reports:

I burned Solar Success with the intention of clearing my space and helping have a successful playgroup at my house the next day…I had to laugh because two of the moms commented how “successful” the playgroup has become!

I had time to sit with Serene Sight; I immediately felt very grounded and deeply inward in my body… I can feel the power of the divine feminine for sure. Even [my toddler] sat down next to me and became quiet and calm. I let it fill my living room. The smell is amazing, of course!

The grind of the incense makes it burn very evenly. I have used incenses in the past that are all natural but large pieces of plant material. The smoke in yours is so clean and pure the way it burns. There was no waste either. It all burned beautifully.

Clotho’s Cloaks