Testimonials from Customers

The Wicca network among ourselves. An early customer wrote of Cottage incenses in a recent blog post:

A great resource to purchase incense blends that correspond with the seven classical planets is from a good friend of mine that owns the website: One Witch’s Cottage.  I trust her incense blends for each of the seven planetary incenses completely!  She is also an initiate of the Wicca as well, so I know personally that the ingredients she uses are quality ingredients and are blended and consecrated during the correct astrological timing.  Each of her seven incenses has certain themes, such as Solar Success for the Sun, and Serene Sight for the Lunar Incense.  These incense blends are so universal, that no matter what occult working or spell you wish to perform, you can select the one that properly corresponds to the work at hand. Her incense blends are very reasonably priced for the high quality ingredients she uses.

I can personally attest to the quality of these incenses from One Witch’s Cottage through use of them as well.

During one of our recent coven rituals, one of the workings performed was for the consecration of a Solar Talisman for a Probationer of our coven.  The incense that was used in this working was the Solar Success incense blended and sold by One Witch’s Cottage. She requested that a healing be performed and it was thought that a talisman would be best at this time for its long-term effect – to allow the force of the coven to constantly be at work for her as long as the talisman is in use.