Middle Ages shop front labelled “One Witch’s Cottage”


  • Sennight Elixure Condensers
    • The Elixures from One Witch’s Cottage are beautifully made and presented. The glass bottles are carefully sealed, packed, and shipped. I have never seen fluid condensers have such a vivid color to them to correspond with each one!It is very obvious to me that One Witch’s Cottage uses only the best ingredients in preparing their products. I can highly recommend them as a user of these fantastic products!  —Matt, Harrisburg, PA
  • Sennight Starry Incense
    • I have to say that I love the items I’ve purchased from One Witch’s Cottage! Our group here is a fan of the awesome 7 incenses set. They are so versatile that once we decide what we want to work for, we can turn to the appropriate incense for the job. They smell great too, while at the same time assist us in evoking the emotional response necessary for what I am doing. —Matt, Harrisburg, PA
    • The grind of the incense makes it burn very evenly. I have used incenses in the past that are all natural but large pieces of plant material. The smoke in yours is so clean and pure the way it burns. There was no waste either. It all burned beautifully. —M.B., Tacoma, WA
    • I burned Solar Success with the intention of clearing my space and helping have a successful playgroup at my house the next day…I had to laugh because two of the moms commented how “successful” the playgroup has become! —M.B., Tacoma, WA
    • I had time to sit with Serene Sight; I immediately felt very grounded and deeply inward in my body… I can feel the power of the divine feminine for sure. Even [my toddler] sat down next to me and became quiet and calm. I let it fill my living room. The smell is amazing, of course! —M.B., Tacoma, WA
    • A great resource to purchase incense blends that correspond with the seven classical planets is from … One Witch’s Cottage.  I trust her incense blends for each of the seven planetary incenses completely!  She is also an initiate of the Wicca as well, so I know personally that the ingredients she uses are quality ingredients and are blended and consecrated during the correct astrological timing.  Each of her seven incenses has certain themes, such as Solar Success for the Sun, and Serene Sight for the Lunar Incense.  These incense blends are so universal, that no matter what occult working or spell you wish to perform, you can select the one that properly corresponds to the work at hand. Her incense blends are very reasonably priced for the high quality ingredients she uses. I can personally attest to the quality of these incenses from One Witch’s Cottage through use of them as well. During one of our recent coven rituals, one of the workings performed was for the consecration of a Solar Talisman for a Probationer of our coven.  The incense that was used in this working was the Solar Success incense … Wolfa Coven, Harrisburg, PA

Spikenard & Other Herbs…

“I’ve known Deb for a number of years, and her creations are always wonderfully magickal and functional.” —Jordan M., Mtn. View, CA

  • Green Comfort
    • “Look at my hands! No rash, no blisters, nothing! Green Comfort is clearing my allergic eczema, when the only prescription medication that helps is something I can only take once or twice a month because of the side effects. This is so much better… — M.B., Tacoma, WA…who went on to say:
      – “…and my diabetic husband has begun using Green Comfort on sores he gets, because it helps them heal faster—so important for someone with diabetes! I bought two jars on my last purchase, because of the multiple uses.” — M.B., Tacoma, WA
    • Green Comfort is wonderstuff! My mother’s accident gave her crush injuries and even weeks later Green Comfort helped a lot.” — Iris, Jacksonville, FL
    • “I sprained my ankle horribly, used Green Comfort for first aid before Dr. Zinc took x-rays; when she unwrapped it a week later, she gasped and asked me what I was using on it.” — June, Tucson, AZ
    • “Gran had an big age spot on her forehead for her final 20 years but Green Comfort made it disappear for months at time.” — R.P., Santa Monica, CA
  • HerbaLiniment
    • I could tell so many stories about how the HerbaLiniment blessed the unhoused. Imagine being a 60-year-old vet sleeping night after night on the pavement with only a thin blanket. Even our “herbs don’t work” emergency room doc is impressed.” — Sue Sierralupe, Clinic Manager, Eugene, OR
    • HerbaLiniment is amazing. I’ve been using it for years—that first year, when mowing the lawns, my knuckles jabbed me with arthritis that made it painful to hold the handle. I used some on my hands, & was able to go right back to the mowing. Just last week, my big toe arthritis stabbed me with the worst arthritis pain I’ve ever experienced, but 10 minutes after I used HerbaLiniment on it, I was able to relax and go to bed. Even more amazing, it works for a few days at a time.” —J.L., Tacoma, WA
    • HerbaLiniment relieves the chronic pain around my replacement knee. Green Comfort helps, but HerbaLiniment makes it go away entirely.” — J.H., Eugene, OR
    • HerbaLiniment keeps me comfortable and walking until I get the replacement hip.” — Judy, Eugene, OR
    • “I have multiple sclerosis (MS), suffer painful muscle spasms. I tried the test bottle of HerbaLiniment when my forearm was in spasm. It relieved both the pain and the spasm, so I went right back and bought it!!” — anonymous, San Jose, CA
  • UnBurn Gold
    • UnBurn Gold is great; I work in a commercial kitchen and get steam-table burns often, I keep a bottle in my locker at work.” — Nicky, Eugene, OR
    • “I’m a blacksmith, and the family cook; I buy two bottles at time of UnBurn Gold; one for the forge, and one for the kitchen.” C.H. Eugene, OR
    • “My daughter looked like a lobster after the concert; UnBurn Gold let her sleep, and she didn’t even peel. I keep a bottle in the fridge to spray on the grandkids for when they get too much sun.” — J.M., Tuscon, AZ
    • “I burned my forearm on a red-hot wood-stove during a freezing spell last winter. I keep UnBurn Gold next to the stove, so I sprayed it thoroughly. Half an hour later I could sleep. A couple of hours later, pain woke me and I repeated. Two applications and not even an aspirin, and I slept.  In the morning with another application, the pain was gone. The whole area would be scar-free except I forgot I was burned, and scraped the place the next day—the only scar on the whole forearm. —R.A., Lewis County, WA
    • The Unburn Gold was most popular in the summer, but we served several burn victims that walked away happily clutching a bottle of your liquid magic. — Sue Sierralupe, Clinic Manager, Eugene, OR
  • MindSoothe
    • MindSoothe changed my life. My migraines jeopardized my job, made life miserable. Five years ago I tested it at Saturday Market, and the pain cleared while I stood buying some. I carry it with me everywhere.” — Sophia, Eugene, OR
    • “I’m disabled, with migraines and chronic pain. I bought MindSoothe and HerbaLiniment at the craft market. No prescriptions did me any good at all; these herbals are the first thing that has given me relief! So I bought more of both to take my mother (who also suffers migraines) when I flew to visit over the holidays.” — anonymous, Lane County, OR


  • Caped Cowl
    • The cowl is awesome! If you’ve ever considered getting one, definitely go with this one. You won’t be disappointed! —S.B.G., Minnesota
    • Love, love, love, my Caped Cowl. Thank you for a lovely design on the hood and the comfortable fit for this short gal. —E.S.,  Silverdale, WA
  • Cowled Cloak
    • I LOVE my two cloaks I’ve gotten from One Witch’s Cottage. I have a Pendleton® wool cloak that is great for the usual Pacific Northwest winters, and I also got a raw silk cloak from her that will be fantastic once summer rolls around. Deb has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and her cloaks are all very high quality. (I should know. I got to see in person her entire stock recently.)

      I absolutely recommend her cloaks to anyone who’s looking to buy one. They’re well worth it. —C.G., Beaverton, OR

  • Gloriana Gallantry
    • I put it on and was astonished at how warm it is. —D.D., Eugene, OR


  • Gyres: Vortices of Power
    This item combines Circle and Scriptorum, with blessed, charged gemstones pouched in silk together with a handbook of aura and gyre lore and guidance using the stones.

    • Wow, I had no idea Western mysteries included such detailed information about gyres, not only colors but sounds and anatomy. The gemstones feel great and work so well with the exercises. —M.B., Tacoma, WA
  • A Gramarye of Poësie
    a chapbook of ritual liturgy and deific encounters


  • Goddess Gemstones
    • This is an extraordinarily unique item! It’s beautifully beaded and I feel a strong energetic charge when I hold it and think of the Goddess for Whom I bought it (the Celtic Equine and Underworld Goddess, Rhiannon). Beautifully done!