Witchy Interviews

In addition to my own writing, I have been interviewed and photographed and filmed a number of times in the ever-current interest of professional and student journalists alike in the topic of Witchcraft. Somehow that seems only fitting, given Gerald Gardner’s interest in telling the world. A scant few of such interviews, I even have copies of. As I am able, I’ll post PDFs and videos from that history, or links thereto, on this space.

  • What’s up wit’ Witches?” an episode of the program What’s Up wit’ That? produced by De Anza College’s television station in the 1990s. The episode remains available on YouTube. Biographical note: K.C. Anton was my fiancé and working partner in Wicca at the time this interview was filmed.
  • On November 15, 2009, the Oregon Emerald daily newspaper (journalism student newspaper of the University of Oregon) published an article entitled “Wiccan…not Wicked” in the recurrently popular topic of witches during the Halloween season.
  • The Emerald supplemented that article with a video segment, a précis of which is viewable on Vimeo. My recollection is that the original video was much more substantive, perhaps 15 minutes long. I have a DVD copy that the Emerald staff provided me, and if my web space allows, I’ll make that available too.

2 thoughts on “Witchy Interviews

  1. I’m just an old tomcat from the dark woods in the centre of europe and dont know much about magic in Southern California (better to say nothing but I was curious reading you decorated your tree . As Christmas here in europe is a real religious thing I prefer to do my ceremonies on [Dec] 21. (Alban Arthuan or Wintersun). We don’t have a tree because as I told, comming out of the wood a tree is an individual as every other and (for me!) not made to be put like a trophy in my house. (I do also not stuff the heads of my enemies in my house ;o).But -I think between Samhain and Imbolic it is the time of Dark and Stone where all nature turns back deep inside the inner space. The time to be quiet, relaxing, waiting, feeling, and collect all the strange for the new birth. Maybe seasons not so clear in Southern California (I think so, never was there), therefor it is not so clear that winter is the time to step back in the dark. (And, yes, I had to learn to stand the dark!) What the old cat of the woods knows but never will learn everything is perfect, as the Great Mother leads.


    1. Don’t know where you think you learned I was ever a witch in Southern California. Northern California, yes. Which is as great a difference as the north of France and the south of Italy, approximately. And many points north of that.

      My winter solstice, like that of Europe, falls on December ~21. My custom of taking in an evergreen tree which was raised on a “tree farm” for the explicit purpose of being cut while small and sold for winter seasonal decorations, and not for reforestation, is one that suits me. I much prefer the scent of fir or spruce to the odor of petrochemical plastics. Just as I choose to burn beeswax candles rather than paraffin because they, too, are petrochemicals, and potentially cancer-causing. It is not a perfect world, and one will rapidly acquire an ulcer tryingn to make it so.


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